Cyclops Cow
  • June 2004 - The musical group, Cyclops Cow, is formed.
  • August 2006 - Cyclops Cow's first music CD is offered online.
  • May 2007 - Cyclops Cow's first music CD is officially released.
  • April 2013 - Cyclops Cow released a compilation CD on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc, called "April 2013 Compilation" (Wish We Had Thought Of It Sooner)
  • December 2016 - A second compilation album was released on CD Baby (also available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc), called "December 2016 Compliation" (We're Not In It For The Money)
  • March 2017 - Several songs have been released on Broadjam, "Two For a Dollar" and "The Plight of Mrs. Travesty", in collaboration with a very talented lyricist and vocalist.
  • December 2017 - Cyclops Cow™ is now a registered trademark.
  • March 2018 - T-shirts have been made available for purchase. Please check the "merchandise" link from the main page for details. (More items will become available in the future)
  • April 2018 - The Cyclops Song called, "Moebius Strip", has been voted as a finalist in the category of Electronic Song of the year for 2018 in the MAMAs awards. The MAMAs awards ceremony will take place on June 17th at the Overture Center - Capitol Theatre in Madison, WI.
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Cyclops Cow appears on CD Baby, iTunes, Facebook, MySpace, Broadjam, SoundCloud, RPM Challenge, Reverb Nation and Number One Music (N1M).

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